Friday, 25 July 2008


Well, I majorly overslept this morning. My sleep experiment thing is fairly strict, and it basically means I messed it up, and undid most my 'adjusting' of the last week. Which really sucks. I also managed to miss an appointment with some window fitters for my dad's house. Epic Fail. So I'm thinking I might give the polyphasia a rest until next week, and I can have a few days of proper mtts, without having to sleep half way through them. I might start blogging about the polyphasia a bit more too when I start it again...might remind me to set my bloody alarm this time!!!

I've been playing a few mtts and some sats, got seats into the sunday brawl and the 750k at tilt, and also FTOPS events #1 and 3. So thats something, hopefully I can get at least one half decent cash in there somewhere. I literally cant remember when my last 4 figure cash was. Which is ridiculous. I could just unregister and get the tourney $$. Which I probably should, I'm basically spending $850 on mtts. Thats the problem when I play sats that I can unregister from, I'm playing the sat because I cant afford to buyin, therefore when I win the seat, I shouldn't play because I'm still not bankrolled. Oh well, I'll just pull a halfrek and win both FTOPS events, and all will be good.

One time?

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