Sunday, 3 February 2008


A good evening! Correction: my best ever evening poker-wise :D

Took 3rd in the pacific 80k for $7.2k! Chuffed to bits. Was a bit unlucky actually (as I always seems to be deep in mtts? one day I will win one) as we got 3 handed, me in joint 2nd, the 1st hand the other 2nd guy loses some chips. Next hand he's in sb, I'm bb with AQs, he shoves for 10bbs (was 95% sure he would, I had a super tight image and he'd been stealing lots) I snapcall obv, he turns KTo, flops 2 pair. grr. Next hand I shove sb with 4bb and QTo, chippo flips A4, I'm done.

Played pretty well I think tho, was very card dead during the FT (apart from some crucial kings for a double-up) so had a super tight image, but used it to good affect 6-4 handed, made quite a few good moves - stole a lot of chips. So a little annoyed at the ending, but still, $7200! Biggest cash by over $3k.

Time for happy sleep.

Grand total: $39,000

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