Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Good and bad results.

First the bad. I still suck at cash games/controlling tilt. Bust my pacific account that was at $600 before I started (though it was at $2200 at one point). Which sucks. Also had a tilty sessions a few nights ago losing ~$800 at AP, again playing cash. So, basically, the NO CASH rule has been reinstated. Which, as I said, sucks. My head just really isnt in the right place for them right now. Maybe ever, maybe cash games just dont suit me as a person.

Anyways, on to the good news. After realising cash wasnt going to work, I didn't really feel like playing sngs, so I thought I'd play more mtts. Ive always done pretty well in them, but just havent played many. So I deposited $600 onto fulltilt, (and I also withdrew my AP roll of about $3k, just to be 100% sure I wouldn't waste it on cash. There aren't many good mtts there for me) about a week ago. The FTOPS is coming up, so basically I've been trying to sat into a few events, and for the past week, it'd been basically the sngs paying for the sats, and no winning in the sats, so I broke about even. (though I won a seat to the sunday brawl, out early KK < TT) then tonight I won a seat to event 15, $215 double stacked short handed, which should be awesome; I really enjoy shorthanded play.

Also tonight I went deep in my AP $50 usual, the $20k at pacific and a $75 mtt at fulltilt. I'm tempted to say i'm disappointed as I was in a great position in all of them, but ended up busting out in 15th or something on AP for $70, and bubbling the FT of the 20k for $170, which was frustrating seeing I was chippo for a while leading up to it. But I can't really complain...came 2nd in the fulltill mtt for $2880 :) Opponent HU was playing very well and I was reeling a bit, then got it all in AK vs KJ and he rivered the straight. Standard. So that sucked, but hey, its still a nice cash and a good evening of poker.

So mtts are the way forward for me atm. I'm definately not going to pay more than $75 on one game, preferably no more than $50, and play lots more sats into the bigger events. I'd like to get a seat in 1 or 2 more FTOPS events if possible.

Anyways, need sleep.

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