Friday, 15 February 2008


A good day really. Just a bit disappointing, had my FTOPS event 15 today, lasted 20 hands. Sigh. QQ < Jd9d allin on 9xdxd flop. No way I can fade that many outs in a tourney over $50.

Never mind, rest of the day made up for it. Had a satellite tourney for event 15 which I'd already sub-satted into before winning my seat so I got $200 cash for that, and came 6th in a $26 mtt for ~$450. Broke even in sngs, so a $650 day, which I can't complain about in any way.

Have finally gotten around to reading 2+2, in particular the mid and high stakes mtt sections. Some great stuff in there obviously, tho when they start talking about bluff-shoving KK on a Qxx flop it kinda makes your head swim! I don't feel too out of my depth tho, just a few maths things I'm not so sure about.

Grand total (since 01/03/07): $39,600

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