Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Good times!

Registered for a $26mtt, then had a nap and was going to wake up in time to play. Woke up an hour late with half my stack gone! Also registered into a $75 knockout mtt. Long story short, I end up final tabling both of them. Bust out in 4th in the $26 one for $1100. Made a few badly timed moves, and then went out AQs < JJ. But still a nice cash.

In the $75mtt - won 2 HUGE pots with 2 tables left which put me into the chiplead going into the FT. Played kinda standard really, just cruised into HU. Went into HU with a 5:1 chip defecit, but had aces twice and doubled both times, then we got it all in, me with top pair, him with OESD. He hit on the turn, but I hit my runner runner flush on the river! I finally win a big(ish) mtt. So that was for $3600~ (including bounties)


I'm off to the pub.

FT: $5000 (2700 withdrawal)
PP/rileys: $3500

Grand total (since 01/03/07): $44,500 (I made it)


Anonymous said...

TOP BOMBING cheesies,great pair of results

nice one m8,I think i may have to start the sleeping before games myself :)
enjoy the pub ;)

Cheesies said...

thanks welshy!