Wednesday, 28 May 2008

What, me, run good? Surely not...

firstly, lol at me taking a few weeks off :)

Decided to carry on trying the shortstacking vs other shorties for a while, though obv not at 5/10, and am running good for once. Including the 5/10 I played last week I've played ~2000 hands, and am up a little under $3k. Should be more actually, made one or two mistakes which probably cost me ~$500. But never mind! I will learn.

Most of it (Apart from the 5/10...running 75PTbb/100 there lol) came from 2/4, though some from 1/2 and 3/6. Withdraw some more, still not convinced this is going to work out... but we'll see. Might sling a few hundred on pacific again, stars is ok, but the cash games at PP are much better. Heard good things about some other sites too - I'll see how things work out.

PP/rileys: $-
Stars: $2500 ($1150 withdrawn)

2008 total: $14,950
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $45,550

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