Friday, 23 May 2008

took a shot... :D

Funny evening. Kinda went insane... Started off by playing about with a few hundred I had on pacific, (got bored of trying to grind it up lol) got it up to 400 playing 2/4, then jumped into a 5/10 game :D Got it up to 600, then down to 500. Then quit, and promptly lost it playing 3/6 HU. No biggie. However, the 5/10 game I was in was full of shortstackers - me included, but I was shortstacking better than them. It seemed very profitable, (coughandIwastiltingcough) so I decided to shortstack with my stars roll, mainly against other shortstackers (table selection was the key) 5/10. In short, I won $1700 :D Minus the 200 from pacific means $1500 profit on the evening.

So...I obviously need a break from poker. Playing levels for which I have 3 buyins isn't the best bankroll management in the world lol... But it did seem super profitable. I'm tempted to look into it, though probably at levels I can afford. But not for a few weeks - I have exams anyway. So I've withdrawn my winnings from tonight, gonna buy myself an amazing amp and looping pedal for my guitar and come back in a fortnight.

Man it feels good to run well when taking a shot. FINALLY!

PP/rileys: $- ($150 deposited)
Stars: $2500 ($1700 withdrawn)

2008 total: $13,800
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $44,400

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