Friday, 4 January 2008

good start

Great day today, up about $1000 in 2 hours. Might even be my best ever day for sngs, which is great considering how little I played. Played quite alot of higher buyin games, won a $100 10-man on pacific, a $100 6-man at absolute, and 2 $65 6-mans, and some other cashes. Would've been more if i hadn't managed to lose the chiplead and bust out in 3 hands on the bubble of a $100 6-man, 1st hand was the bb calling allin for 11bbs with 24o... think it was a misclick, but still annoying, next 2 hands were standard. But im not complaining really, i got fairly lucky myself in places. So in the 4 days of 2008 (only 2 of whih I've played) i'm up $1500. woop!

Think I'm going to start withdrawing $300 a week regardless of my results. Usually I'd only withdraw after a big win, but I think regular withdrawals is a better way, plus the extra money a week will cover living costs and I'll set up some standing orders to savings accounts and things; the gradual-ness of it is better than sporadic lump sums I think. It's only 5% of my online roll, and I should be able to at least reach that most weeks. I may even up it to $500 if things are going well, but we'll see.

Not on home computer so will update records later.

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