Friday, 18 January 2008

Cash games ahoy!

Well I kinda broke even for a while after 'the' friday, and decided to give sngs a rest, and take up cash games. dun dun dah! I decided to start with $50nl just to ease myself in, and I bought PAhud and semi-learnt how to use pokertracker properly. Got off to a good start, up 5 buyins in 1000 hands or so...then played some 100nl and won some there, lost some back at $50nl. Then I compacted my database at PT, and i didnt know that meant i couldn't view my results (why didn't it tell me?!?!) so now i'm not sure...

Had a bit of a tilty session last night and this morning (last night because i was drunk and in a bad mood, this morning because of last night and repeated coolers) but I lost maybe $100-200 so nothing major. Then, of totally sober untilty mind, I decided to play some 1/2. It sounds sort of twisted, but my logic was that if the money matters to me, then I'll play sensibly (and therefore be a winning player rather than a lunatic). I'm rolled for it anyway (just about) and was playing at pacific where the play is lovely and fishy. So yeah, just finished a very good session of ~3 hrs, winning about $1350, mostly on 2 $200nl tables at pacific and 1 $100 table at sunpoker (which i recently deposited at, I get rakeback and they have good redeposit deals there). So that's pretty awesome. Also won the biggest pot of my life:

Me: $500~
aggrofish: $450

Im in MP with AKo. Crazy aggro fish limps in EP, I make it $8, 1 callers behind me, aggrofish calls.
Flop is K54, pot = $27.
fishy checks, I bet 22, 1 fold, fishy raises to $52. I call.
Turn 7. 2 diamonds on board.
villain overshoves for like $380. I call fairly quickly and he turns over 66, and my hand holds.

Ship the $900 pot :D

Villain had been open shoving for a full stack preflop, and shoving lots of flops and things, so I think the call was fairly standard, especially with the flush draw out there. It's nice when you run well though, was totally different to this morning.

I think basically my main issue with cash games is tilt. When I'm playing well and focused, I feel I'm definately a winning player, certainly at 1/2. Don't have much experience past that, but 1/2 seems very beatable. But when I'm tilty or even just bored/unfocused, I cant beat $50nl for a profit. It was nice to have a really solid session where I feel like I played well and was rewarded, got some confidence back, and made me believe I can beat cash games again. I just really need to get better at stopping when the first signs of tilt set in. In fact, I'm going to make a big sign right now to stick above the computer to remind me to walk away if I feel tilt. Problem solved! Ha, yeah...

Anyways, a good day in the end. I think i'll stick with cash for a while, see how it pans out. I'll play mostly $100 at sun/absolute, and $200 at pacific. I've also downloaded sky so I'll see what happens there. I'd like to get to $15-20k online before I move up to $2-4, and show a decent profit over a fair amount of hands, which will hopefully be before the end of this year.

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