Tuesday, 1 January 2008

happy xmas/new year!

Been a swingy 2 weeks. Didn't play much up to xmas, but then won a satellite into the $1k 100k probounty tourney at AP. Very funny satellite, as soon as I entered I realised I didnt want to play, and so played crazily and ended up taking it down. Played the actual tourney which was good but didnt cash, came 34/~100. Felt like I played pretty well though, grinded up to double my starting stack, but hovered there until I had to start risking my stack, and lost a race 55 < JTs. Still, happy with it, will try and play more big tourneys like that.

Then had a 2-day downswing/tilty patch, losing $800 which wasnt fun. But the last 3 days have been earning it back and a bit more, so no damage done. Am going to steer clear of most $100 games since I'm not quite ready for them yet. Except for those at pacific...the play is just so bad. Very very weak tight. Playing one today, we're 4 handed (the 6max games pay to 3rd, meaning less variance so thats another reason I'm happy playing them) one guy with 1.5k raises to 300 with 50/100 blinds, I shove with TT for less than double, like 550 or something, and the guy writes into the chatbox 'ffs' then theres like a 10 sec wait, and then 'i guess i cant pass' and calls flipping over AQs! Even if I show AK he has to call... I think they play like this because they've worked their way up from the low stakes at pacific and all the low stakes fish are major LAGs so just playing tight passive works fine. So yeah, I've been playing them quite a bit, only up like $60, but they're definately profitable.

Poker new years resolutions: Just don't tilt really. I know precisely when I'm tilting, I just need to get better at walking away. Don't think it's too big a problem, just something that needs a bit of work.

Maybe try and get profitable at cash...? I know thats where all the money is really. I'll see.

Anyways, here's to a money-filled 2008.

Since 19/11
Sngs: 397
Amount won(sngs): $3287
Amount won(mtts): $3374.75
Total: $7062.75

Grand Total: $30550

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