Friday, 20 July 2007

Day 2

Good start today, winning 4 HU games in a row, but then had a string of cruel cruel 3 outers on the river to push me down to -$27 for the day. Variance sucks.

Daily total: 255
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $1643.5
New OnlineBankroll: $1898.5
Total since 01/03/07: $15121.5
Total time(hrs): 393.5
Total $/hr: $38.5

Not playing much lately, lots of stuff to do for holidays and such. Got a VIP freeroll to play at AP tonight so hopefully I'll make something back then.

Edit: didnt cash in the freeroll, but came 2nd in a small 25$ mtt for $282. Back in the black! (and back over the $15k mark...)

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