Thursday, 19 July 2007

Day one

Meh, my return to poker didnt go well, ending up bubbling 4 sngs and busting out of 2 mtts early. Then entered a 2.5$ sng by accident and played like a maniac, and of course took it down for a whopping $8.5, lol.

Playing on a mac because of my broken computer, and its terrible, disconnections every 3 hands, and very difficult to navigate. Plus I was trying to book airline tickets, finding out how the WSOP ME ended and watching HSP series 2 which i just downloaded at the same time too, so I probably wasnt playing at my best... Tomorrow will be better.

Daily total: -156.5
Time(hrs): 3

Old Online Bankroll: $1800
New OnlineBankroll: $1643.5

Total since 01/03/07: $14893.5
Total time(hrs): 388
Total $/hr: $38

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