Monday, 28 March 2011

March is the third month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and one of the seven months which are 31 days long.

Sooo March was a weird one. Put in about the same volume as February (ie I was lazy), didn't play great, had an absolute shedload of 10-18ths in tournaments with $15k+ to 1st, and tilted off $4k playing cash games. That last one is by far the worst; haven't touched online cash games in maybe 2 years (for very good and self-apparent reasons!) and pretty much promised myself I wouldn't ever again, unless it was in some learning to play properly/grinding out lowstakes/etc capacity. So a disappointing lapse.

Despite all of the above I managed to win a fair amount - not entirely sure how much as there's some discrepancies in my spreadsheet and real-life balances but pretty sure I made back roughly what I lost in February - about $9k, maybe a little less. So yeah, I feel like I had a pretty terrible month but clearly I didn't!

Still, not feeling particularly motivated at the moment. Wish there was something I was motivated by - time is crawling at the moment, each day feels like a week and I'm just permanently exhausted.

Guess I've been doing quite a lot of JuJitsu recently which has been good and meant I've stayed active, and I got my orange belt a week or two back. Also I've just uploaded 50 of the 130GB of music I got from Neil who I met in Diu. Was frankly a bit intimidated by that much new music but finally gotten around to it so for the foreseeable I'll be busy discovering gems!

Anyways I'm rambling, so instead here is a video of a pigeon on a train.

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