Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Cheesies Recession - February Roundup

Sooo a less good month. If I could work out how to create reliable graphs on HEM 2011 would look something like this:

Dropped about $9k online which sucks, didn't put in enough volume (about 2/3 of January) and lots of the sessions were short or tilty, often both. I did end the month up a few £k live though, so not too disastrous.

More worrying is that I've just generally been feeling sporadically awful recently, winter's starting to get to me I think. Felt fine all of January but had some pretty rough days last month, and they definitely affected at least some of the sessions I played. Hopefully the start of Spring will help and I'll get back into a decent routine, not really feeling it at the moment though. Doing better than previous winters in some ways which is a positive I guess, although drinking/smoking quite a lot. Self-medication for the lose? I think coming back from travelling for Christmas might be something I have to reconsider this year.

Anyways, here's to a sunny March!

(yes I know it's green, but its also an ace picture)

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