Tuesday, 23 October 2007

...some days.

Having fun at uni, not played a great deal of poker after my big win a while ago. played a few sngs and won a bit, donked off some playing cash. (STOP PLAYING CASH GAMES!!!!) Decided I'm going to get into crazy multitabling turbo sngs. Inspired by a sick sng player I've read about, 20+ tabling the 60$ turbos on stars, aiming for 25$k this month! Plays like 300 a day. Insane. So anyways, I had a go at 9 tabling, which went fine - physically keeping up I was fine, and feel I could handle quite a few more. Whether I could do so profitably is another matter. But I felt I played well for the most part. So I'm going to stop doing the old sng updates, and replace them with the new turbo thingys. Just for a while, see how it goes. If I decide I want to do it 'properly' I'll probably go over to fulltilt for bonus+rakeback, since playing low roi/huge volume type things would be greatly improved with some rakeback.

Also withdrawn most of my roll of AP. The scandal has been blown wide open, and while I doubt they're going to go bust, I want to be sure. Not to mention they handled it all very badly, and I'm not sure I want to give my custom to the site.

New results, starting off with mostly $16 9 man, with some $27 games too.

Games 22
Amount won: $72
ROI: 18.18%

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