Thursday, 25 October 2007

Turbo tastic

Been carrying on with the turbos, tried 12-tabling today! Was mucho fun. Timed out a few times, but that was most mostly because I was talking to people and eating. Also running pretty good, broken almost exactly even on the 16$ games, but have an ROI of 70%+ (albiet only after 16 games) for the 27$s. Going to carry on playing about half and half 16 and 27$, and after a few hundred games, if all is going well, I'll move up to the 27$ games permanently and mix in some 35$ games (think thats the next level).

Reached silver star on stars. wooo. I'm pretty sure I could make platinum star without too much trouble, ~35 27$ games a day for 30 days. Thats just 12 tabling for like 3 hours a day. If I had a lot of time on my hands and did that for 10 months, I'd be supernova! But I doubt that'll happen anytime soon; uni work coming in thick and fast, barely getting in 5-10hrs a week. Maybe if I have loads of time I'll go crazy for 5-6 months and then have 6-8 months of freerolls and such. Then agin I should probably go to fulltilt for rakeback and bonus, probably end up being worth more. Aah, decisions decisions.

Played a live home game organised by some students. £5 buyin, 8 players (ish, maybe 7...can't remember) Was good fun, people playing heart-warmingly badly. Got lucky, beating TT with A7s near the bubble, and once I got those chips, it was kind of over...Not meaning to be arrogant or anything, but it was a fairly easy win from there. One other guy said he plays 50$ and 100$ HU sngs on PKR, and does well, reads 2+2 etc, says he often 10+ tables, so I assume he's pretty good. I doubt he was lying. He bust out early though, (trying to get too fancy, tut tut) so I never really saw if he was any good.

Going to a live game in manchester in a few weeks, meeting up with some PFUers, should be good fun, and with 10% getting a free seat to the amateur poker championship in manchester in december.

hy, that's about tout. Hasta next time. (woo, 4 languages in 1 sentence!)

Games: 55
Amount won: $307.5
ROI: 29.12%

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