Sunday, 9 January 2011

Good beginnings...

Soooo a good start to the year. Dropping down to low-midstakes has began well, the play is hilarious and I am 100% sure I can grind out a decent winrate. I'm out of makeup thanks to my first 3 sessions which ended up +1.8, +800 and +4k, and had my first session on my own coin tonight...

chooo chooooo!

So that doubles my online roll which is an EXTREMELY timely addition. Not too worried about having to drop down further now, though will probably continue playing daytime sessions which tends to mean an average buyin of ~$50 but I'm happy playing smaller stuff, for now anyways. Dave, my backer previously, has agreed to stake me in some of the sunday majors so I'll get my weekly fill of high stakes action! :)

Was at DTD in nottingham for their monthly £336 deepstack this weekend - probably made it as far as I ever have, busting a few levels before the end of day 1 with QQ into KK for a large number of chips. Pleased with my play though, was down to 3k early on and ground it up well to over 40 with few showdowns. Still, bored with losing tons of money playing live; also managed to lose £250 in 6 hands on the cash tables (all standard, nothing interesting) and whilst my online roll is looking healthier, since looking at my real-life finances I've realised I can't really afford to spend nearly £700 on a speculative weekend so this will be my last live event until I'm a bit more robusto or I win a seat to something.

...I say this but I'm definitely playing the Nottingham leg of the UKIPT tour at
the beginning of next month. It'll be the first Team Superbink (me, Luke Fields, Dave Burn (Mrblond blog) and Dan Morgan (Captain Calldown blog)) outing in a while - pretty sure we're all going to final table.

Anyhoo, lets hope the rungood continues!

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