Thursday, 27 January 2011

Amsterdam/January roundup

So after a good start to 2011 I ended up heading to Amsterdam for a few days at the end of the month with Dan and Luke. Had a great time and it seems like an amazing capital city - definitely want to come back. We were staying at a very swish place called the 'Fashion Hotel'. You know when the first thing you see as you walk in are manikins with lampshades on their heads that its going to be arty! Really nice rooms, probably the nicest hotel I've stayed at.

I did pretty well out of the trip, winning ~€800 crushing the fishies dan and luke in various silly bets and card games (paaay!), won far more than my fair share of restaurant bill/cab fare flips and came 3rd in a live 100 euro 2nd chance tournament we played at the big Holland Casino in the centre for about 1600 euros. Highlight of the tournament was me live-misclick 3betting for like 10x pot for 1/2 my stack with 78s, siiiigh calling it off vs 2 shoves and getting there vs AJ and AT :D I also ran real good online, winnning an $82 hyperturbo for $4.5k and then...

ending up in a 5-figure trip win. weeeee! Didn't actually spend much time playing though, was cool just relaxing/going on the brewery tour/eating great (and usually free!) food. Dan also had a pretty huge sweat as he had 5% of British sicko James Keys in the Aussie Millions who ended up coming second for ~$1.2million, winning the luckbox nearly $60k for doing absolutely nothing. Aside from polishing his golden halo occasionally.

I managed a pretty impressive fail regarding the flights - booked my first return to come back 3 days late (I thought it was february. And so only 28 days long. And so I then booked my flight to come back ON FEBRUARY THE FIRST. ...I know, I know). Second flight I booked was in the morning. Two alarms? No good. Woke an hour before my plane was leaving, sigh.

It resulted in me playing the session in which that win ^^^ happened though, so maybe it was a good thing.

Anyways, January as a whole ended up being pretty huge for me considering where I was at the beginning of the year: +$23k, minus the money to dave to get out of makeup, but the rest goes to padding the roll. Pleased with my online volume; put in over 800 mtts with a $48 average buyin at a 51% roi which is pretty sweet, if I can keep those figures anything like that next month I'll be happy! Still playing kinda rusty but hoping to plug some leaks over the next month, and hopefully withdrawing some money for bills...

UKIPT nottingham starting on the 11th, looking forward to some live silliness!


Matthew said...

Bloody hell man, lend me some of your rungood :(

haraldmath said...

I have no idea what most of this means.

Cheesies said...

Haha, yeah john, it's pretty poker orientated, sorry!

And matthew, afraid I can't, although not sure I'd give it up that easily... I've forgotten how nice it is to run good!